My MBA Journey

Record of my personal journey completing an MBA
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Ric Raftis - Lifelong Learner & Knowledge Seeker

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A Little Bit About Myself

Ric has been a web developer since 1998 until retirement but still has his own sites. He had a long career in banking, commercial and corporate finance before becoming a partner in an accounting practice, working in the practice as an accountant, auditor and business advisor from 1988 to 1998.

Ric is involved in several community-based organisations as a volunteer, and did Governance training with LMCLP and also RSL Victoria. Ric has also acted as a mentor for participants on several occasions.

Ric believes our society and community is desperately in need of leaders at present that have high standards of integrity and ethics. It would seem that sports people are held to a higher level of account than many of our public figures. Ric would like to see upcoming leaders well versed in the need for ethics in leadership and lead without fear by the motto “That the standard you walk past is the one you are prepared to accept.”

Ric’s thinking is never confined to the square and he is innovative and resourceful with an enquiring mind, open heart and attentive ears. Always looking to hone existing skills and learn new ones.

Particular Areas Of Interest


Leadership is constantly evolving and is of critical importance in today's world. Integrity and ethics always required.

Impact Management

Leadership is wasted unless impact results. This is the case in business, community and non profits.


Continuous feedback is vital in order to reflect on your own growth and to help others. Be vulnerable.

Navigating Change

The only thing certain in life is change. Adaptability is a skill you can't live without.

life balance

Life is a juggling act. Keeping all the balls in the air can be hard at times. Remember to smell the roses.

Personal Growth

Personal growth through learning, practising, adapting and implementing skills.