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Leadership Week 8 – Break Week

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Although they call it a Break Week, it’s nothing of the sort. Still, work to be done, and of course, you can always start the next subject as I have done. The exercise for Break Week is to reflect on your learnings of the subject over the last seven weeks. All the subjects will lead to completing the ultimate capstone assignment at the end of the course.

Break Week Exercise

‎I undertook leadership between January and March 2022.

The major assessments were:-

1. Leadership self-reflection (Short Reflective Assessment) 750 words17 January 2022 15%
2. Commentary (Interim Assessment) 2,000 words03 February 202235%
3. Leadership development plan (Capstone Assessment) 3,000 words24 February 202250%

There were no external influences affecting my study. The summer heat made it easy to sit inside in the cool and do the work.

As Leadership was the first subject, I had formed no study habits. That said, as the journey was a new and exciting one, it wasn’t challenging to embrace study and learning enthusiastically. My fascination with the subject of Leadership certainly helped.

The study of the subject didn’t necessarily change my attitude towards it. For example, I have always considered leadership to be critical to the success of any organisation, whether it be a large public company or a small community organisation. However, there was a considerable benefit in breaking the subject down into styles and behaviours backed up by research. Chunking anything down allows a more critical look at the more minor aspects and facilitates study in isolation of the big picture. Refinement is then possible that one may not address when looking at things on a macro level.

The study of leadership helped me redefine myself and my leadership style. I based my review on my personality and general leadership and the environments where I am acting in a leadership role. Given that my main interest is to be involved in community-based organisations and non-profit boards, I consider it best to use a Transformational Style applied with Servant Leadership Behaviours. Despite being visually very authentic, this would not be the most effective style in community situations.

However, it is essential to remember that leadership in real-life situations can require utilising many styles and mixing them to form a hybrid. The agility of a leader to apply the most effective style for the benefit of people and the organisation will determine their ability as a leader.

My learning processes and practices
Based on my experience studying this subject, I am shifting my study methods. I am looking to get ahead with my reading and commence the next assignment immediately. It will be a dynamic working draft reflecting the current reading location in the modules. Referencing will be much easier as I can use the recommended articles.

My ongoing study
Leadership and its study are very much a passion for me. I would love to follow through on other studies in this area. There is so much to learn, particularly at a community organisation level where behaviours and responses from people do not reflect the respect often generated by the pay packet.

My profession and/or workplace
I would welcome the opportunity to study methods in the community organisation workspace to improve leadership. It is a contentious area where organisations struggle to find leaders because of how their members often behave.

My personal self
I haven’t had any personal epiphanies during the subject, but I am more determined to find out more about how community organisations tick.


Although the subject is over, continuing learning is not. In addition, the results are not yet out for Assignment 3 so I await with bated breath to see how my leadership plan fared.

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