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OLAD Week 7 – Crafting a Career in OLAD

Crafting a Career in OLAD


The final module of OLAD is about Crafting a Career in the sector. Having been through the notes, this module will not be published on the blog as it involves personal reflection and planning on developing personal learning and a career plan.


The module steps through the following activities:

Activity 1. Professional development in my personal workspace
Activity 2. Completing a personal SWOT analysis
Activity 3. Finding your personal zone of genius. This includes reference to the book “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks (2009) and contains an interesting matrix graphic.

Matrix of the Big Leap

There is also a link to a summary of the book on YouTube:

Activity 4. Finding your Sweet Spot supported by a graphic and with references to the book “Finding Your True North” by Bill George:

Sweet spot for goals
Source: Reproduced from George & Clayton (2015)

Activity 5. Developing SMART Goals


This concludes what has been a fascinating subject and has built on a considerable amount of personal experience. The subject has inspired me to start putting a few courses together myself in areas where I have a passion.

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