My MBA Journey

Record of my personal journey completing an MBA

Leadership Week 6 – Inclusive Leadership

Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion in both the workforce and community organisations is so important. There’s no point in kidding ourselves about the stigma and bias that has occurred in the past and what still goes on today. I do think that we are beginning to overcome several of these issues and at least they are out in the […]

Leadership Week 4 – Leader Follower Models

Transformational Leadership

The Week in Review Interesting name for this weeks topic talking about leaders and followers. Followers is not a term I feel comfortable with when describing people. It has connotations of sheep for me. I raised this issue with my lecturer who said she would never use the term in the workplace, it is for […]

Reflection on Feedback

Your Feedback Matters

I am very much focused on Feedback at present. Giving and receiving feedback is an important skill in one’s leadership armoury. More often than not, particularly at a not for profit level with volunteers on committees, you will hear people criticising one another instead of the behaviour. So I am looking to add a Standing […]