My MBA Journey

Record of my personal journey completing an MBA

Marketing Week 4 – Products, Services, Brands


I would love to tell you that this week has been nothing short of a resounding success in terms of my studies, but alas, that would be a complete lie. This post, which was due on the 25th March is over a week late, but I do have a good excuse. And no, it isn’t […]

Marketing Week 3 – Designing a Customer Driven Strategy

Image of customers

Once again the level of reading, videos and deep diving has been intense. In addition, I am well into the generation of Assignment One for the subject. More on this later. This week’s study however focused on designing strategies to drive customers in terms of your market and your product or service whatever that happened […]

Marketing Week 2 – Understand the Marketplace and Consumers

Understanding the Marketplace

There has certainly been no letup with the reading and videos this week either. Another week of very intense knowledge absorption. Building on the first week’s learnings, this week continues to expand the marketing concept. The first issue to be covered was to look at how a business creates value for customers and builds relationships […]