My MBA Journey

Record of my personal journey completing an MBA

My name is Ric Raftis, one of many people who enjoys life long learning.

Over 2022 and 2023 I completed my Masters of Business Administration through the Australian Institute of Business in Adelaide. 

This journey is now complete and this site is being archived.

If you are considering an MBA, I would highly recommend them.

As for my journey, I will continue to pursue learning. You can find out more about me at Ric Raftis Consulting.

Why Keep Learning?


Knowledge is Infinite

You can never say you know it all. In fact, it seems the more you learn the more you realise that there is so much more.
challenge yourself

Challenge Yourself

Boredom is a wonderful way to die early. New skills in any field can stretch your mind and keep you excited about life.
volunteers needed

To Give Back

Our communities are struggling to find volunteers and leaders. Your knowledge can be invaluable if shared with others.